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First Published: Friday, March 20, 2009

Most of people dream of possessing a private house. Some of them desire to design by themselves without using architect services, but they usually do not understand how to design it. Furthermore, most of people do not care about how build an effective and efficient house, because this is not necessary for a house design. On the other hand, some people consider that this matter is important; they can try to apply CORELAP method to design it.

CORELAP (Computerized Relationship Layout Planning) is a simple method in facility layout and location discipline which is usually used to design a factory and facility. As a facility of living, house should be designed by using CORELAP method. Following this is an example of house design in 180m2 land (12 meters x 15 meters). There are 3 steps to design with CORELAP method such as plan the rooms, size, and room’s relationship; calculation and design the CORELAP; and draw a draft layout.

First, a house consists of 15 rooms that the name of room, size, and relationship are showed in the “Activity/Space Relationship Diagram” and “Relationship Table” below. The rating of relationship between two rooms is sign as A, E, I, O, U, or X. The definition of “A” is absolutely necessary; “E” is especially important; “I” is important; “O” is ordinary closeness; “U” is unimportant; and “X” is undesirable.


Then, every sign needs to give a score that is started with U=0, O=1, I=n, E= n2, A=n3, and X=–n3. Hence in this example; the score are A = 125, E = 25, I = 5, O = 1, U = 0, and X = -125. Then, every room has total closeness rating(TCR). CORELAP starts with the biggest TCR.

Relationship Table

Second, the important step in CORELAP is learning about adjacency. Adjacency is a coefficient between two activities/spaces. The range of adjacency is between 0 and 1. There are three types of adjacency that are fully adjacent (side contact), partially adjacent (point contact), and non adjacent (no contact at all). Fully adjacent has 1 value of coefficient; partially adjacent has 0.5 value of coefficient; and non adjacent have 0 value of coefficient. CORELAP adapts this theory. Started with first room in the middle, put the relationship value with second order in the 8 side around it multiplied with adjacency. Then, put the next room in the highest value. All calculations illustrate in the figure below.


Third, Draft a layout using CORELAP block diagram. Draw the requirement of land and make grid. Assume that one block covers 1 m2.  Draft all rooms refer to CORELAP block diagram. In this example, the draft layout will be showed in figure below.

Draft Layout of House

In the conclusion, CORELAP can be applied to make a layout design of house. This simple method should refer to other architect methods and rules.